A Thousand Skins (Part 1)

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Your fingers tapping on the table 
My feet are bouncing on the floor 
I haven't slept for 40 hours, and I will wait for 40 more 
Until the last shot of the war 

They say the waiting is the worst part 
I only hope that that's the case 
But I won't let a single instant or a moment or go to waste 
To watch a memory erased 

	Hold on 
	Hold on 
	Cuz I don't have the time to wait 
	No, I don't want to be too late 

Your face is burned into my memory 
I've traced the lines so carefully 
I've memorized the hills and valleys
And the freckles on your cheek 
The way you smile in your sleep 

You told me nothing lasts forever 
But won't let you fade away 
As time begins its slow destruction, the inescapable decay 
The colors bleaching into gray


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