Dizzy Spells

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Our colony
Is shining through the shaking of the artificial moon
The light of noon

Cut ragged glass
Kalidoscope of soapy film refract the rays that pass
The blades of grass

Recite the words that you were taught

The face of man
You stare into the center as the colors bleed away
The dryest rain

You feel the same
The dirt beneath your saddle boots is snaping as you step
Into the scene

This life is just a frail dream

Don't you ever worry bout those dizzy spells you feel
That's just the taming of the ghosts
They can't hurt you, they'll desert you now

Take up your arms
The final day is here, you feel the ringing in your ear
Now disappear

The flaming sky
The rally of a lost July, the night preceds the lullabye
And takes away the last supply of day

Tablature & Chords

Tuning: DADGBE, down one step, twelve string.

Most of the song uses a 13231323 fingerpicking pattern with the thumb doing 1 and 2 and the middle finger on three.

xx770x  xx670x

xx770x  xx670x  xx570x  xx560x  x7560x  7x560x
(then repeat with bottom string open for bass warmth)


Then:  000230  000130  000430  000330

x32010  x21200  
Fast Changes: 2x000x, 4x000x, 5x000x, x45000
x32010  x21200  
Fast Changes: 2x000x, 4x000x, 5x000x, x45000,    (harmonics on the 5th fret)


Then: 2x200x  1x100x  2x400x  1x400x  0x400x

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