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In one moment, it all can break
You pinch yourself, but you’re already awake
With no warning, the sky can crack
And take something, you never can get back

It leaves a hole that can't be filled
But time will let your heart rebuild

The atom bomb, is now just glowing embers
With every dawn, I'm feeling stronger still
But despite the slow decay, it never goes away
The slow, hypnotic, asymptotic slide
Toward letting go

The time passes, in measured steps
Most days are better than the rest
Till one day, it’s a fading scar
So small, but a part of who you are

And though that scar will never heal
The mind distorts and time conceals


The half-life is a dull knife
With a blade of rusty steel
The memory that's part of me
It never really heals

Every day it's dimming
As the cloud around is thinning
But the pain, it still is stinging
When I sleep

	The once torrential, exponential glide
	Toward letting go

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Musical Information
Key: F# Minor
Tempo: 62 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Length: 4:26
Released Jul 22, 2014