House In My Head

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Went out walking with a house in my head
Went out walking with a house in my head
Screen doors are rusty and the roof is sagging in

Went out walking with the voices in my head
They say, you gotta job to do before you go to bed
Just keep on walking on the road that lies ahead, and you will see

The road is dark and silent here
Somehow familiar, I am near
I pass Sandusky and the church bell tolls three times

There it is, the house that's in my head
I gotta listen what the voice inside me says
Forgive me for what I must do because I have no choice

    I nail the door shut and, light the rag up and
    Let it sail through the window, watch the flaming phoenix glow and
    I hear the screaming and I see my demon and
    Now it's just a memory, I had no choice, it's them or me

Sunrise and the fog has burnt away
The present's clear but the past is grey
I try to find my home but I don't know the way

I'm never gonna find the house, the house that's in my head.

Tablature & Chords

GGDGBD (detuned a whole step)

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Musical Information
Key: F Major
Tempo: 85 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Length: 3:45
Released Jan 1, 2004