Mona Lisa

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Here Today
From the albumHere Today(2004)

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Mona, you have done it now, you've gone and shown exactly how
You never knew the process just to keep your brainwaves straight

Our life was not extravagant, but hey we always paid the rent
And went to church on Sunday when we didn't sleep to late

But now you need a little color and your paint is fading under
All the lights that shine around you every day

    Put your pennies in a tray
    Save them for a rainy day
    And it's off you go and on your way
    Goodbye to Mona Lisa

Every time I try to speak, your face grows tired your hands get weak
And then you look at me like I'm a thousand miles away

Your eyes are always fixed on me, but somehow you just never see
The man I'm trying hard to be, the freak that I portray

But now you've got four walls surrounding and the frame is really sounding 
Like a prison where the guards have gone astray


Though I try to disavow, if DaVinici could just see you now
He wouldn't know the woman who is standing by my door

Take your pennies from the tray 'cause here it is, your rainy day
And now it's just this painting who is staring back at me

And it's not as if you've asked it, but I've finally unmasked it
And there's nothing underneath your surface but an empty canvas


Tablature & Chords

Tuning: Standard, Capo 2

For the verse riff, the main chord is C played as 332010 alternating with 3x3010. Then it goes to Am, F, C, G. 

The pre-chorus is: F, G, Am, D/F# (2x0230), F, Gsus4 (320013), G

The chorus is: Am, F, C, G - Am, F, C, G - F

The solo is the same as the prechorus. 

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