She's On My Mind

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She's always on my mind when I'm sitting alone at night
When I grab a cold beer and I hit the lights
And you know that she makes me feel alright
Especially when she leaves the blinds open

And I'm sitting my my window with a telescope
And I'm hoping that she uses all her scented soaps
While she's soaking in her tub for a half an hour
That beats the hell out of her usual shower

She, she is on my mind
She'll never find me
I'm one step behind
And she, she never sees
I'm in the breeze
And I'm blowing past her window as she sleeps
And she is always on my mind

When I am watching her
I follow her car till the driveway turn
I send her flowers from her secret admirer
And I steal the mail from her mailbox and read it

And I tapper her phone so that I can record it
When I call and stay silent till she cuts the cord
I search her name on the Internet
I forget that we just haven't even met yet




Tablature & Chords

Tuning: Drop D (down a full step from there). The main riff's chords are 000560 and 555460. Then the
chorus is:

    00023x, 33323x, x113xx, x335xx, 1133xx
    00023x, 33323x, x113xx, then alternate x07650 and x0775

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