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Crawford Street
From the albumCrawford Street(2005)

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Anna Minster, it's sure been awhile
I heard through the grapevine that you took a walk down the aisle

So it's true then, oh yeah, I remember him
From grade 9 geometry, his glasses had tape on the rim

So now you're a housewife, with a place in Lake Cascades
And you're husband's an architect, it sounds like you've really got it made

Is that your daughter, in that picture, she got your pretty eyes of blue
She got your crescent-moon smile, and that curly blonde hair just like you

No me, I'm not married, at least not anymore
I couldn't pay all of her bills from the factory floor

I spent time in the Army, they taught me how to fight
Until I came to my senses and saw that it just wasn't right

That's alright though, I've got a dog and a bungalo
I can sit on my porch and just watch the old sycamore grow

Well thanks for coming, but now it's time for me to go
I wish you the best for another 10 years down the road

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Tuning: CGCGCE, Capo 2

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