Together On Our Own

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From the albumAshes(2010)

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I learned to walk when I was one
Beneath the Oklahoma sun 
And from that day, I started taking my own route 
I learned to read when I was two
And I believed it all was true 
Too young to fill my mind with questions and with doubt 

I made made my first friend when I was three 
But by four, he moved away so very far from me 
At five I wondered why, people live and people die 
Why the things I loved just slowly slipped away from me 
And only stars remained the same 

    Cold night, starlight
    We are not alone 
    Cold night, starlight
    We are not alone 
    We're together on our own    

I said goodbye when I was ten
To Santa Claus and all his friends 
I had to leave those childish stories all behind 
But when they told me god was real
I just couldn't help but feel 
This burning question that was tugging on my mind 

By the time I was eleven, I had given up on heaven 
And everything was falling into place 
I kept my mouth shut, so I wouldn't rock the boat 
Cuz a kid who's fallen overboard is too ashamed to float 
And still the stars remained the same 


    I learned to walk, when I was one
    Without a crutch to lean upon 
    I had to relearn everything
    My legs were weak without the wings 

    But I'm stronger now, my mind is free
    Controlling my own destiny
    When I write the final chapter
    That's the last you'll read of me
    There's not a finish line / But there is nothing that I fear

Today I went to see a friend
His days are almost at an end 
The doctors say he's got a month or two to live 
He called to me there from his bed
And with a weakening voice he said 
"If there's no god, then tell me what the hell's the point?" 

I didn't have the answer, so I looked at him and said 
You were always giving love, you could have taken it instead 
This journey may be pointless, but at least I sure can say 
You made it better for the rest of us you crossed along the way 
And still the stars remain the same


Tablature & Chords

Tuning: Open C (CGCGCE), capo 7

000000  555000  x24000  222000
000000  555000  x24000  222000
555000  X24000  X24X00  000000  X24000
222000  555000  X24000  X24X00  
5000XX  4000XX  2000XX  4000XX  000000  (fingerpick arpeggios on this line)

x24000  555000  000000-002000-004000-002000   x02400
x24000  555000  x02400  
x0000x  x2000x  x4000x  x0000x  000000  (fingerpick arpeggios)

4x2000  555000  x02400  x24000
4x2000  555000  x02000  x02400

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